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Animal Oil Production Line

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beef tallow animal oil refining machine
animal fat
Animal Oil
wooden box
Place of Origin:
Henan, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Yu Bei
Model Number:
Product name::
Animal Oil Refining Equipment
Product Description
The full name of this product is animal oil refining equipment, and its main function is to extract animal viscera and subcutaneous fat tissue for processing to obtain oil. After several years of practical experience, our company uses high technology to extract the essence, which is recognized by users Details of animal oil refining process: First of all, degumming and dephosphorization The process of removing colloidal impurities from the oil is called degumming, and the colloidal impurities in crude oil are mainly phospholipids. Generally speaking, degumming is also called dephosphorization. We can use hydration, heating, acid addition and adsorption methods. Deacidification At present, alkali refining method and distillation deacidification method are mainly used. Decolorization Chlorophyll is generally present in a high degree, as well as carotenoids, etc., which are photosensitizers, which can cause unstable forms and poor appearance, which can be removed with adsorbents. There are many ways to decolorize, but mainly the above two. Deodorize The vacuum steam deodorization method is currently the most widely used method at home and abroad with better results. It utilizes the great difference in the volatility of the odorous substances in the oil and the triglycerides. Under the conditions of high temperature and high vacuum, with the help of the principle of steam distillation, the volatile substances in the oil that cause the odor are in the deodorizer. It escapes with water vapor to achieve the purpose of deodorization.
Packing & Delivery
The machine will be packed by air bubble film, and then will be placed in the shipping container
If the machine is small, will be packed by plywood case
Our Company
Our Service
Acceptance standard
Unless stipulated in the technical documents accordingly, technology acceptance standards of designed main parts are in accordance with relevant state departments issued current relevant standards. providing main parts technology acceptance standard of technical design.
Technical service
During rice mill machinery installation, We cooperate with buyer for technological improvement to reach desired results. We explains rice mill machinery performance, structure and operation to buyer related people for free.
Quality guaranteed
We makes sure our rice mill machinery achieve promised performance with correct installation, commissioning, normal operation and maintenance.
In warranty period, for quality problem, we repair and replace defective parts for free(except quick-wear part).
Why choose us
Compared with others, we are the manufacturer, so we can make delivery in time and supply products with high quality and reasonable price,which are our outstanding advantages.
Q1.What's your advantage? Why we choose you?
A:20 Years experience of design and manufacture grain and oil machinery.We have the most professional techniques and team. More advantage in price.

Q2.What's the Payment?
A:T/T would be better with quick transfer and few bank fees. L/C could also be accept, but the procedure is complex and the fee is high. You can also use Western Union and Paypal.

Q3.Are you a factory or trading company?
A:We are a professional manufacturer. We are warmly welcome clients from worldwide to visit our factory and cooperate with us.

Q4: Can you show how the machine works?
A: Certainly, we will send you the Operating video & instruction to you together with machines, to help you use the machines better.

Q5: How can I know your machine works well?
A: Before delivery, we will test and adjust the machine working condition for you, then you can use directly when you get it.

Q6: Do you have ISO certificate?
A: For every model of machine, it has a ISO certificate.
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